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Samples of our services

Purchaser's technical advisor

Purchaser's technical advisor is a person who helps the purchaser, like a city or municipal alliance with the procurement related to public transport.

Purchaser's technical advisor is a trusted person who supervises the benefit of the purchaser. The benefit of an external advisor is that hi is possibly wider experienced than the purchaser, because an external advisor has also experience with projects from other subscribers.

In rail transport, a special advantage is that individual purchasers make purchases only rarely, but an outside expert is constantly involved in projects and thus has fresh experience.

Procurement and implementation of a system

When expanding a system or estabilishing a new system, there must be made a decisiond of how to organize the system and how it will be purchased. The purchaser may take the system complitely into own management or even a large combined system may be purchased as turn-key, including maintenance and operation of the system.

The selection of the purchase and implementation form is based on the customer's wishes and the prevailing circumstances. An experienced consultant is able to define the most appropriate procurement and execution methods for the customer.

Consultancy in vehicle technology

Expert services with the technical aspects of rail vehicles, like base construction and dimensioning, capacity optimization and questions related to functional construction.

We can help with the procurement of both the vehicles and maintenance, starting from determining the requirements. We can take care of the competitive tendering and commissioning as well as assisting in potential purchasing complaints.

System studies

The basic analysis of a transport system is a study of the functionality and economy of the transport system in the urban environment at the strategic level.

The study may include a comparison between differend solutions. The starting point for the survey is the spatial data of the area about the population's housing and workpalces and other destinations places like for shopping and leisure. The result of the survey is a description of the basic technical solutions of the system, a draft of right of ways and routes, and an assessment of traffic economy and its impact on the urban economy. Depending on the extent of the contract, the report may also include other estimates, such as environmental and land use impacts.

Estimate of the city economy

Estimate of the city economy is computation of how the traffic system impacts into city's economy, like construction cost of infrastructure, land and real estate values and to cash flow of the city. The result is an estimate of the profitability of the transport system both in the social economy and in the city's cash.

System comparison

Comparion of alternative tarffic systems by means of functionality and economy. Comparison can be done between different public transport systems or between public transport and car transport. The result is a recommendation based on the criterias chosen by the cyustomer.

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